Enjoy! Everything from crap, to doodles, to my best pieces. Click on the thumbnail to see the full size piece. If commenting please include the title of the piece or pieces you're referring to. Pictures are arranged with newest at the top, left. Descriptions can be found on the full size piece.



2012 Images



2011 Images



2010 Images


2009 Images


2008 Images

Swoopy Zeep Zeep in Flight Rak Lay Etchi Does The Alphabet Etchi-Sketch Koneko


2006 Images

        Rosetta Vibro Boo! Reflections Raven
Shewolf Fax Monster Fax Dance, Dance Bowtie! Violent Jae Jerboa Emmie Reflections


2005 Images

    No Angel Sooliawa Trade Spike, The ball Happy Birthday Jakkal! KV Hawk Calgonrah
Beautiful Like Me Arikla Found Pencil Weazul The World Snake Earwig (Digital) Earwig (Traditional)  


2004 Images

  Whale Sunset Canis Major (Traditional) Canis Major (Digital) Evil Charles Amber in the Fall Snuggles Thankyou
Baby-Oven Free! Don't Need Drugs Forlorn Icecream Huskey EvilInnocence You Are Loved Jackass Blog Wolfling Wuff
Wolfling Silverpaws Stalking Boo Forehead Thrust Humanity Ryath Hunting Friends Running Strong Dream Dance of Blades


2003 Images

Max Cougar Logo WAG Horror Challenge WAG Freedom Challenge WAG Self Portraite Challenge Warned ShadowWaker WindSeeker


2002 (And Older) Images

Zombie Bullet Bullet Vs Recluse Rodent Roulette DevilWolf Bovine Vengence Gather Me Eyes Jakkal Meep
DragonLion Pissy Kittywuff KittyWuff Bullet's True Form Trinity Ravenwing Pube Feathers Mates Entwined Griff
Die Steve TimeChaser ArcticWind North Fox Qalyar

WendigoWolf SomberWolf
Rak in a Tree Raksha Ippy Pillow          


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