Please note that there is no single definition to each of these subjects, and all information within has been gathered from a wide variety of sources. In the event a website that is not featured on the links page is used as a 'source' a link will be provided in the credits section, at the bottom of each page.

Also note that when speaking about spirituality and the soul in this section it is recognized as referring to the 'soul' as the core of your being, the basic part of you deep down that makes you 'you'. Therefore those who do not believe in a spirituality, or the soul, may simply exchange the word 'soul' for a similar concept label onto the very core of who you are. Which in effect is exactly what the word 'soul' means. Non-spiritualists may sometimes also replace the word 'spirituality' with 'philosophy'.

These pages deal with reality and common sense, and nowhere in this site will you find things of the nature of 'space elven', 'physically shifting' therians or 'immortal' vampires. If you are seeking these things please open your nearest fictional story book.

However, these subjects will be touched upon in a rational sense in the relevant sections. The aim is to provide you with a wide range of informational views, yet still remain within rationality and reality.





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