A big thankyou picture for all those who wished me well during my hysterectomy surgery. Once again the quality seemed to diminish with the number of people, though I did try hard. Oh well, it still expresses everything it was suposed to. Canis' leg is missing too. Blah. People featured (if you can't read the words) are: AtmanRyu the dragon, Arylkia the chaosian, Gogscer (Shuck) the bear, Haruga the 8 boobed wolf, CanisMajor the unicorn, ShadowsMyst the tiger, Oscar Gog the dog (Gogscer's doggie), Strill the fox with the blue nose, Arikla the winged wolf, Kynewolf the orange wolf, Rainwolf the white wolf, Mokele the lizardman, and Keller the leopard.

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