Small section for 'collection' pieces. In other words a set of pictures I might do as a series, or for things like ID profile pictures and the like. Click on the thumbnail to see the full size piece. If commenting please include the title of the piece or pieces you're referring to. Pictures are arranged with newest at the top, left. Descriptions can be found on the full size piece.




This is an 'art experiment' I started, drawing people as their favourite mythological entity. These are in order as the topic was answered in from top to bottom, left to right. **Note, the topic on TO is now old, and I don't view it anymore, but if you'd like to be a part of this ongoing series, feel free to contact me and I will add you to the list.**



Referenced Pieces

These are pictures I have drawn myself, but they are complete accurate reproductions of the existing (much smaller and black and white) versions found in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manuals and Fiend Folio. Original picture credit goes to those books. However, let it be known that these are DRAWN, not 'traced'.

Coiled Dragon Spirit Dragon Fairy Dragon Hypnos Portrait



Pictures I've coloured that were drawn by other people, or pictures I've drawn parts of, etc etc.

Craig's 24th Birthday Glowing Kat Rak Addict Bullet Vs The Internet Scratch Sterling's Weapons



Pictures that pertain to different seasonal events, such as Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, etc etc.

Saint Patric's Day Exchange Valentine's Day Exchange Christmas Myst Christmas Bullet Christmas Emmie Christmas Bearcat Happy Easter! Zombie Valentine


Torture - Featuring "Victem" Vixen

Series I started which sparked from a conversation over IRC one day about methods of medieval torture and torture devices.

Disemboweled Cat's Paw Victem Profile


Fat Angst

Self explanatory.

5 Pounds Fat Angst


Angelic We Fall

Something new, which began as a random angsty/sad piece featuring myself, but Bullet requested one and it turned out so well that I may do other people in the same theme when time allows.


ID Profiles

Done for various mediums, such as DevientArt or SheezyArt in the past. Also useful for message board profile pictures and whatnot.

SA Profile DA Profile



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