Hehehehehe... where oh where to begin with this piece? ;) OK, there's quite a few personal jokes in this one. Firstly, the subject herself. I'm sure most who know me and bullet also know 'Ms Paranoia' as we shall refer to her. The self proclaimed daughter of Anubis, the Destroyer of Worlds, Ms pheonix/jackal/angelic 'Death' herself. Now the pose. Those of you familiar with City of Heros will probably have seen a mental controller strike this pose during one of their attacks. The infamouse 'forehead thrust' with the circles of light bursting forth. Finally the words. Apparently she's a l33t wiccan who can psionically attack Bullet from a distance. Now the reason - Pure malice you might say? Only in part... Done expressly to cheer up the Bullet during a particularly bad day, in reference to the bullshit at the time that Ms Paranoia was dealing out. (See the 'StalkingBoo' voodoo doll.)

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