To celebrate my 21st birthday, when my dear Sterling took me out to Vegas to celebrate being old enough to do everything, in this country. The rules of rodent roulette are as follows: Each rat is taged on the tail (either red or black). Place bets on red or black and the one rat left alive is the winner. If both rats should die, it becomes 00 house wins. Each rat is smeared with goat's blood before hand to induce maiming. Thats me in the background of course, watching the rat-snacks. ;) This image actualy made it onto some snarky art-bashing forum community at one point because of the apparent 'animal abuse' involved. :D People are such morons, it's such a delight. The community doesn't exist anymore, otherwise I'd graciously point y'all over to the thread. It didn't seem to last long, due to my non-involvement and the unimportanceof the image. Fancy that.

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