This was originally an old sketch for Arylkia that I picked up and finnished a little while ago. However, when Ary finally got to see it, she informed me that this chaosian character was no longer a representation of herself. Instead it was the mascot of an old art site called Chaos Ink that she's no longer a part of, called 'Blue Brat'. When I mentioned that in the past everytime I asked her 'what she was' or what description to use for drawing here reprsentation it was always this Blue Brat character, I got this in reply:

"its not mine never was..its called a fucked up life.. a leash a label assigned by another without my own free will..bullshit..i dont want to see it anymore.. sorry.hurts to see or speak of this crap"

So since it hurts her to see it at all, and it apprently never was a part of her, then I suppose it isn't for her then either. So I renamed it 'No Angel'. Props for the character go to whoever is currently in charge of Chaos Ink, if it's still in existance.

That out of the way, some more info about this piece, which I am incredably proud of (thus the responses it got from Arylkia hurt like hell, even though I understand she's incredably busy.) - It's an experimentation in essence, no inked lines at all. I was going for the painting feel, but still preserving all the details. And I did it all with filters. :) Yup that's right. So to all those people who think "Filters" are stupid and make pictures look like shit, or who think "Filters" are the cheaters way out and the only 'real' picture is one that is done from scratch and takes years to complete - You can all bite my ass because this image was done with simple cell block colouring and a shit-tonne of filters, with only the most basic of shading. :P So THERE.

What takes someone 50 plus hours to complete from scratch, I have just acomplished using filters and various interesting combinations of 'cheaters tools' (such as liquifiy) in less than 10. So hah. Just because something is easy to use at first or might make some people's images look crappy, does not make that tool a lesser tool or an unimportant one at all. Otherwise everyone who picked up a pencil would be using a 'crappy cheaters tool'.

If you feel justified in still complaining that doing it this way makes it somehow less than someone who did it the 'long way', then fine. Blow me. I happen to like my free time, and if I can find easier ways to acomplish the same fan-fucking-tastic piece of work, then I shall. :D

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