Don't Deny Your Humanity. Done because I was getting tired of the huge numbers of 'otherkin', 'therians' and whatever else that consider themselves to be 'other than human' and who had the laughable idea that their humanity was something to be hidden away, denied and shunned because OMG it wasn't 'special' to be human anymore. Well guess what, it's pretty damn special if you ask me. Look at how far humanity has come from the small aomeba sludge it's decended from. Look around you - your very HUMANITY is what allows you to even consider the possability of being an elf, a dragon, a wolf, a vampire, a snake, a bird, or any other animal and thing and combination therein. Don't try to deny who you really are, because guess what? It's going to force its way out to the front, wether you like it or not. Wether you're ready or not. And if you can't welcome the truth peacfuly into your life, then it will break and rip its way free, often painfully. This was an older sketch recently coloured (the date is the coloured date), but the message it embodies still rings very very true indeed.

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