Vengeful picture I did on behalf of Bullet. The subject in this one is a certain bat by the name of 'Vagabond', who used to be the consort of dear Bullet. He treated her like shit, eventualy forcing her to break up with him, in which case he decided to toss blame onto her and play the 'victim'. So I graciously decided to give him what he wanted there - victimhood. How's it taste? Rehtorical question o' course. It's been a long time since that image was first displayed on VCL. It should be noted that the bat-man in question is a grey bat, but all I knew was that it was a fruit bat, so here's a typicaly coloured one, being torn in half. Heh, another amusing note about this image is that a certain ex-friend of ours decided that this was 'hate art' in reguards to her. Because this just sooo looks like the top half of a winged siamese cat. *rolls eyes* Can we say egorific? Hrrm.. come to think on it, it does sort of resemble a felineish figure doesn't it? Eh, oh well. I still owe Mr fuckhead bat a punch in the junk. I wish Sterling had agreed to drive me over there at the time. I was all reering to go, you better believe it. I hate wasting a threat, because mine certainly wasn't empty when I told him we would kick his ass if he ever hurt our Bullet. He agreed too, so it was sort of a verbal contract of ass-kick. *sigh* I hope his life went to shit after that, that'd make up for missing out on a physical kick. Boo needs to hook up with someone closer so we can keep an eye on things.. yesh.

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