Here is the little dusty nook for my smallish pictures. If commenting please include the title of the piece or pieces you're referring to. Pictures are arranged with newest at the top left in each table. All these pictures are already full sized.



These are quickie lil sketches I started to make out of boredom one day, then decided to make them for other people as well.

Wolfling SilverPaws Wolf

Wolfling Silverpaws

Wolfling Silverpaws Eastern Dragon

Wolfling Silverpaws

Bullet Vampiric Wolf


Raksha Vampiric Pardalupen


Sterling The Fallen



Pixel Alterations

These were done during the mad dash for 'pixel alterations' of game sprites that swept through places such as livejournal and various message boards. All the cards below began as original game sprite cards from "SNK Vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash". Also displayed are two 'animated' sprite alterations from the game "Darkstalkers". Original animated game sprites are shown below the alteration. All originality and credits go to Capcom and SNK respectively, for the images in the table below. I'm not sure how game sprite alteration fits into the copyright scene, so I'm displaying them anyway. If asked to remove them by the appropriate people, I'll do so. Please don't take any of the alterations I did. It's common courtesy, and the characters they have been used to represent are credited to themselves. Either make them yourself from the original pixel sprites, or ask me for one if interested. Even if sprite alteration is a grey area for copyright - do the right thing and do NOT charge for sprite alterations. They aren't considered original artwork.

Raksha Ball

Felicia Ball

Stalking Sterling

Stalking Bullet

Talbain Stalk


Hypnos SteelJaw Sterling Bullet Raksha


Random Icons

Including avs I might do for myself, or just random doodled pictures spawned from late night madness. :) Hold mouse over the pic for names.

Eyeball Cheriope!


Rak Sez..


'WereSymbol' Mockery

The 'WereSymbol' is/was a rediculous concept started in the therianthropy communities as a lame idea to 'unify' therians. Personally, I saw it as another "Look at me, I'm special!" concept. So, I made a mockery of the 'chosen symbol'. Based on the "Alcoholics Anonymous" symbol (Once I discovered how similar the two are), which reads "Unity, Service, Recovery." It was just too good to pass up, and the 'additions' to the original words just fit so damn well. This is in no way a mockery of AA itself. I call these, the "Conformists' Anonymous" symbol.

Conformists' Anonymous


Conformists' Anonymous



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