OmniShift is the creativity hub for myself - "Raksha" RJ Boettcher, otherwise known as the vampy pardalupen. I am not a furry, nor do I belong to their subculture in any way, shape or form. Please don't label me according to your personal ideals. I am who I am. I do, however, associate with therianthropy and related spiritual concepts. I'm not shy about nudity or sexual content, but these are few and far between since I don't have much desire to draw them personally. Anatomy practice is always good though. ;) I've been scribbling and jotting down my mind for too long to remember exactly. I'm not a hard core artist or writer, so my work is sporadic, sometimes spanning several months to a year between single attempts. I do enjoy collaboration work though, between family and friends, and I do love trade pieces.

Within the site you will find various forms of artwork, both visual and written, movie reviews, among other things and whatever other creative random ideas might spring up over time. The slogan 'shift your perspective' is the 'motto' for OmniShift and refers to ways of viewing things. Omni means all, thus 'All Shift' referring to the shifting of perspective in all things as the slogan says.

Within the *Other* Information page, you will find gathered information about the 'spiritual/metaphysical/whatever you want to call it realm. This section is separate from the main page in that it deals more with facts than creativity.


OmniShift is designed and maintained by me, "Raksha" RJ Boettcher.

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