Special gift for Emmie, because she doesn't feel beautiful to herself. I wanted to express her in real life proportions, rather than the usual stick thin or imaginary sized images most 'hefty' artists like to draw thesmelves as. Why do I need to lie to her? She is beautiful the way she is, and I think this image reflects that. It's got special Nos-kitty colourations, because I wanted to express Emmie's love for her recently passed away kitty. The special ones we love are always with us, even when they die. I am very happy with this piece, I think it's one of my best pictures to date. :)

Emmie the beautiful vampy one, with the special kitty inside. Hopefully this will inspire the confidence she needs to put her life in order, and pursue her goals of self fitness and health. Good luck Emmie! We know you will succeed, as long as you love yourself there's nothing you can't acomplish.

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