VAMPIRE: Person who requires an outside life energy source to survive. (The usual source, being food, not providing the necessary amounts)

SANGUNIARIAN: Vampire who feeds from blood.

PSIVAMP: Vampire who feeds from free energy.

PSYCHIC ENERGY: A generalized term for the life energy which is found within all living things. The life-force that surrounds and is contained in living things.

EMPATH: Someone who can feel another's emotions as their own

ASTRAL: One of the many planes of existence beyond the physical.

ELEMENTAL: Of the forces that constitute the weather, especially severe or inclement weather such as wind, water, earth, fire (the four elements)

SEXUAL: In the concept of vampirism, feeding from sexual energies such as desire, lust, orgasm.


As a straight defining of the concept, vampirism is the need for one to live off the life energy of another. This can be explained by an 'energy deficiency' suffered for whatever reason by the vampire or their inability to keep their own life energy level high enough to sustain them.

There are basically two types of vampires: Blood or Sanguniarian vamps, and Psi vamps. Psi vamps can be further broken down into many 'sub-types' including Astral, Free Energy and Sexual.

If either vampire does not feed for an extended amount of time, it can be bad for their health and eventually could result in death - though death would be an extreme case obviously and has yet to be reported happening.



Blood/sang vampires are self explanatory: Vamps that feed from blood. However, something not commonly realized is that the vampire does not feed on the actual blood itself, but rather the energy contained within the blood. All vampires feed on energy, it seems that some merely have a stronger deficiency than others, hence their need for a stronger energy source (the blood). This does not mean that the sang vampire feeds on nothing but blood, and in huge amounts. In fact most sang vamps can get by with a small feeding of blood per week/month/year. Sang vampires can also be accomplished psi feeders as well, and this method is used by most when a sufficient blood donor is not available. However, for them it is not enough by itself and is more like having a quick 'snack', rather than a 'healthy meal'.

The term Sanguinarian comes originally from the Latin root 'sanguine' meaning 'bloodthirsty'



Psi vampirism is a wide term used to include all forms of pure energy feeding, such as free energy draining and sexual vampirism, etc. Not to be confused with 'Psychicvamps' which are vampires with some measure of psychic ability. Another misconception is the term 'Empathvamp'. Empath vampires are simply vampires with empathic abilities. Not all empaths are vampiric, and many are just so empathic that they confuse the 'feelings' for feeding, when in fact they aren't feeding at all. Emotions by themselves hold no amount of energy whatsoever.

Psi vamps have an in built talent of being able to siphon the free life energy from the world, be it subconsciously or controlled. The energy generated by large crowds for example, or by a close person suffering a strong emotion, such as rage. These things are like pouring water into a sponge for a psi vamp. Those who can more control the feeding often use a projected 'straw' to feed on a host's energy. Prolonged feeding from a single person could result in signs of their own energy loss and/or life shortening (Once again, life shortening would be an extreme case. and has yet to be proven.). However, most psi vamps tend to feed from large crowds or highly populated areas such as movie theaters, shopping malls, markets and theme parks.

Just because a psi vampire can feed without leaving a physical mark, however, doesn't mean that they do not leave a psychic mark as described above as the feeling of being drained or tired. Depending on the moral views of the individual, some psi vamps tend to think it is important to remember, that just because you don't leave a mark, doesn't mean you should EVER feed off someone without their consent. They may not be aware of what you are doing, but without their consent, it's just as immoral as bloodletting someone against their will. Other Psi vamps don't see anything wrong with gathering the free energy already being wasted by the human body naturally.

One of the dangers of draining a person's life energy is that if too much is taken, a person will become sick, depressed, or even more extreme symptoms. Most psi vamps have learned how much energy to take and whom to take it from. Others however are 'unconscious feeders' who continually drain the energy around them like a black hole. These Psi vamps are often not aware of what they are doing and can cause slight complications or annoyances when around other vampires, or people with 'sight' who are aware of their own energy being siphoned.



Astral vamps choose to feed only from the astral plane, during astral travel and projection of their astral self. For accomplished astral travelers this is an extremely entertaining and easy way to feed, as in the non-physical planes, such as astral and dream, the abilities are limited by the mind. Astral feeders may often be mistaken for preying demons or other such astral nasties.



Free energy vampires feed from the energy floating free naturally in the world, as well as drawing from basic Natural Phenomena such as Thunder Storms, Severe storms, Powerful waterfalls or other Natural forces. They choose to feed primarily from these 'non-living' sources, rather than the more obtainable flowing life energy of living creatures. A lot of high moral value vampires choose this method rather than drain on any living creatures such as plants animals and other people.



Vampires who feed primarily from the energy given of during sexual activities or emotions of that nature, such as lust. These are often also referred to as Succubi or Incubi but are not demonic in nature. Succubi and Incubi were originally denoted to Mediaeval demons which were believed to visit the dreams of men and tempt them into sexual misconduct.


Though some real vampires may choose to live a lifestyle close to their mythic counterparts, you cannot tell many vampires from 'ordinary' people. They work during the day (though may be photosensitive and protect themselves), go to school or work, have families, and live a basic normal human life for the most part.

Vampirism, like therianthropy has suffered it's time in the lime light of movies and fiction books. The result is an influx of 'vamp wannabes' with their minds filled with the dark delights of fiction and fantasy and the misconception that all vampires are angsty Goths. The reality is somewhat largely different in most areas.


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