This is a controversial subject in the vampire communities (or anywhere else for that matter). Many believe vampires can only be born as they are, while others believe in the turning concept. However the 'method' of turning differs.

The common misunderstood view of turning, is that a vampire must bite a non vampire and share their blood to spread vampirism. This by itself will not work however, because the essence of vampirism is NOT a blood disorder, and cannot be spread like a disease at all. If a vampire had their blood tested most often the result would be clean.
Vampirism is very much a part of who you are, i.e.: the soul/spirit/whatever makes up what is you. To share vampirism, means to share your soul, and is no easy feat.

Soul sharing is something that should never be taken lightly. The soul is you, the very essence of your being, the place where your deep inner self is centered. There are cases of people having a 'broken' soul, or being 'half souled' for whatever accident they may have suffered, when not taking proper seriousness in dealing with matters of the soul.

There are very very few actual accounts of vampire turning in reality. Most of what is out there are the typical 'I was bitten by an immortal vampire' type and can easily be dismissed by most people. There are accounts however, of people experiencing 'soul sharing' with a vampire. The exact method of sharing one's soul is not known. There are a variety of ways to 'bond' or link to another's soul, and it is believed that through many of these means a full sharing could be obtained. Because vampirism is centered in the soul, along with every other part of you, sharing or linking that particular essence within it could result in a 'bleeding' of the vampirism to a non-vampiric soul. Usually this can't be done in any quick or easy means, and may take many such practises or 'sessions' to fully incorporate vampirism into a subject. This is also a risky business, as introducing such a foreign type of 'substance' into an already balanced or fully formed soul could result in massive rupture and disarray causing anything from mild schizophrenia to full blown psychosis which may or may not be permanent.

There is a common thought among dealing with soul matters and spirituality as a whole that "you must have belief for it to work". This interestingly is not true for vampire turning through soulsharing. As one experience included a skeptic to the entire turning concept until the experience demonstrated otherwise. The entire sharing was accomplished with a good dose of disbelief and doubt on the part of the instigator, yet still the results were achieved.

Vampire turning by any method should never be attempted without knowledge of consequence. In short, if you can not be happy in who you are now, you never will be as someone or something else.

The method described in short above is merely one view of many and not all vampires hold this same view.



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