Many people, when hearing or reading the term 'vampire' immediately fill their minds with thoughts of power, darkness and romantic flights of fancy. Things such as demonic souls and blood drinking are also popular attachments. The reality for many, if not all vampires is quite different from the romanticized dream.

It wouldn't be so bad if vampires were compensated with immortality, wealth or charm, but these are things they have to work on themselves like anyone else. So they get all the extra headaches with none of the fictional benefits. Things such as feeding, something any other person can fix with a simple food product. Not so simple for vampires to acquire the nutrition and amount of energy they need. When there are no donors for Sang vampires, they can not just attack people. Vampires are just as subject to the law as anyone else.

There are times when many vampires regret what they are, but it is simply not possible to just 'turn off' vampirism, you are a vampire for life and there's nothing you can do about it. There is no obligation free trial periods on vampirism. The only choice is to accept who you are and try to deal with your life day by day, just as any other person must do for themselves. There are up days and down days, just as there are for other people. Being a vampire in any way does not make you special or grant special powers that will somehow make your life wonderful.

Some people take the stance that vampires are 'lesser evolved' because they have the energy deficiency and can not rely on their own bodies to provide it, as other animals and people do. Others believe this is not so, and that vampires are just as level as anything else is in the pool of life and existence.



Vampires have no need whatsoever for any kind of 'coven' or secret society/club, as a whole. These things are often practised by Vampire: The Masquerade role playing gammers or those who want to feel special for whatever reason. Of course there are those who just feel this need for some reason to give themselves an illusion of specialty by playing the mysterious movie vamp. Others form these 'gatherings' in order to feel as if they are giving something back to the communities they may be a part of. Or simply just for fun.
Most vampires would have no use for such a thing, as usually without considerable shielding by each vampire, the presence of another can be 'draining'. With many in a big group, the constant uncontrolled drain would quickly deplete any vampire not skilled in energy shielding. This is one of the reasons there is no logic in the practise for vampires on the whole. Many of the smaller groups offline usually are very adapt in shielding, or they must each feed twice as much (or more) than usual to regain the energy lost in close contact with others. Joining these groups as inexperienced or 'new' to the concept (see newly awakened) could be dangerous, as even if the others are shielded, YOU may not be and will find out fast why it's a necessity. New or inexperienced vampires should use caution when attempting to join any such group meetings, especially with more controlled or 'older' vamps. Moral values differ with the individual, and you could find yourself the victim.



Vampires are as human as any other non vampiric being. Their only difference is a core belief in vampirism, and the energy deficiency. While human beings do tend to emit the most life energy freely, among that crowd of human population could be any number of 'other kin', such as a therians or even just someone with a higher psi 'magic' potential. Vampires can take energy from anything if they choose to. Including other vampires, although of course taking from a 'hungry' vamp is an effort in futility.

Another effort in futility is hating humans. To hate "all humans because they are sheep and only there to feed us" is as ridiculous as it is untrue. Whether you are a vampire, therian, 'other kin' or not, you are still human as much as the rest of the population. Hating humans is to hate yourself. As well as the fact that they outnumber you 1 million to 1. This view isn't shared by the majority of the vampire communities, but there will always be the few who persist in following the typical movie view of 'we are better than they are'. News flash, being a vampire doesn't make you anything more special than anyone else. Only the individual can do that by their actions.

As for the supposed 'war' against therians: This is complete RPG nonsense. The problem occurs when someone takes that game for reality. In such an instance, a suggestion would be to seek mental help.
While some therians do have something against vampires, this is unreasearched hate. IE: The hater has no clue at all about the reality of vampirism. In a lot of unnecessary hate, information is often the key to resolution. If you hate without a good reason you just look plain foolish to the rest of the general populous.

In short, the view taken at large by the 'other kin' communities is that there is not, nor was there ever any war aside from the ones we make ourselves. If you truly feel in your heart that it is your personal duty to kill every vampire, good luck trying to even find them. As stated earlier, vampires are as much human as the next person. If you view yourself as a 'hunter' or other such label, be prepared for jail sentence, for as much as these people enjoy ranting behind their screens that they are above the law and 'doing good for god' they will be charged as anyone else can be, and vampires, 'other kin' and everyone else has the right to accuse these people as stalkers. Do not hesitate to call police or other help agencies if any such stalker attempts to contact you offline, or persists in online harassment. In most cases these people will also be submitted to mental health facilities for their claims of typical movie vampirism.

When it gets right down to it, vampires are basically the same as anyone else, aside from their own talents and the energy deficiency. They can be anyone, from teachers to ministers, lawyers to grunge Goths, to princessy teens. They can follow any faith from Christian to Muslim to Jew to Buddist to Pagan and Wiccan. Being a vampire does not make you evil or bad. Only YOU can do that. Nor does it make you a murderer, a disease carrier or any number of popular insults. To people who accept these as truth, you might take a look at the whores of society first, for they are most likely to contain humans, therians or any other number of odd or not so odd people. It is the individual that makes the individual bad or good.


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