DRAGON: Generally described as a large reptilian creature of myth and legend.

FLUFFY DRAGON:Flaky , furry or non-serious type in terms of spirituality/occult. Generally made up of the confused or insecure, among simple players.

REALITY DRAGON: Serious type in terms of spirituality/occult.

REAL DRAGON: The term used in this section to describe those Dragons which are 'actual' dragons.

OUTSIDE DRAGON: The term used in this section to describe a separate entity dragon which 'shares' a host body. In this case the 'host' is not a dragon, the dragon entity is separate onto itself.

ASSOCIATED DRAGON OR DRAGON ASPECT: A separate entity entirely from 'dragons', which uses the dragon as a symbolic identity. The closest identification symbol to describe itself, whilst not actually being a dragon.


There are basically two types of 'dragon' claims you will find both online and off: Fluffy Dragons, and Reality Dragons.



Fluffy dragons are more akin to furries than anything else. They more play a character, than actually being. There are also those fluffies which are known as 'posers', to less considerate groups. Usually these people suddenly found their 'dragon self' through past life memories and dreams, with nothing else.
They will be quick to talk about their 'dragonity ordragonity' with anyone who asks, and even those who don't sometimes. To them, being 'dragon' is all about status and image. Some fluffies actually make up their own language, or borrow from the 'elven' groups which do the same. There are also several fluffy dragons who believe they originate from another planet, coincidently the same one as the large group of 'elven' known as 'Elenari'. When asked how they come to know this, the popular excuses seem to be "well x number of people say it's so, so it must be true"
These dragons make up the sad majority of 'otherkin dragons'.



Reality dragons are the few and rare. Those dragons who consider themselves to BE dragon in spirituality/occult terms. It's rather hard to reveal them, because of the way reality dragons don't feel the need to discuss who they are with anyone. It is these dragons which will be focused mainly on.



Dragon is just dragon, but there are similar 'occurrence' that may SEEM dragon, while not actually being dragon.
For the sake of ease, actual 'dragon' dragons will be referred to as Real Dragons. (Tho it must be noted that none of these 'types' are any more or less real than the others.)

Real Dragons are just dragon. They don't shift, except to shape change, which all dragons are capable of. Shapechanging in this sense refers to the dragon's 'spiritual change', much like 'cameo shifting'. These dragons are only born, for one reason or another, much the same way many therians consider real therianthropy to be only born with.

Then there are Outside Dragons, which are those dragon spirits that one might 'acquire' through life, either suddenly or through a calling. These are not to be confused with spirit guides, as they act for their own benefit, not to guide you anymore than it might suit their own unknown ends. These are often the case in 'separate identity' dragons, or those who consider themselves to have a dragon 'side' and another animal. A good way to spot this would be the unconscious consistent referring to the dragon as 'he' or 'she', 'it' rather than 'I'.

Thirdly, there are Dragon Aspects, which are not real dragons, but more a 'side' or spiritual connection within that associates with the dragon as a symbolic reference, rather than an actual being. This is often mistaken for therianthropy, and can often be found in those who refer to themselves as 'dragon and *other*' For example, dragon-tigers, dragon-wolves, dragon-bears, etc.
Similarly, these people may be mistaking what they think is two sides, but is actually one. The dragon could have a preference for a particular animal form, and this could become confusing to the 'host' (in the instance of an outside dragon) or the dragon themselves (in the instance of a real dragon).
This would explain those 'dragons' who can't seem to pinpoint their 'other' inner animal, but feel a connection to many over time.


Unlike therians, dragons do have several inherent abilities and/or attitudes that can be obvious and easy to spot in most Real Dragons. The Outside Dragons may exhibit it also in the 'host' referring to their dragon as 'moody' or 'arrogant' etc. Often times even Associated Dragons may exhibit these traits, which could account for the symbolic 'dragon' being so fitting.

Most dragons are arrogant and selfish in nature. Not necessarily the bad sort of selfish either. It's this trait that makes a 'weredragon' impossible, as a dragon will not share. Often Outside Dragons have their own known agendas and reasons for 'sharing' a host's spiritual essence or soul. These dragons could at any time up and leave without warning, thus they are not considered therianthropy either.

The only dragon 'type' that could be close to therianthropy is the Associate, but this isn't a 'dragon' in essence so much as the symbolism of a dragon, or a different entity entirely, so it's void in the point.

An interesting trait that seems to occur in Real Dragons as the most consistent, is the fact they are very rare to speak out about themselves at all. The reason Real Dragons are so rare to find is this attitude that they are what they are, therefore there's no reason to discuss it. They seem to delight in running a questioner in circles. Not to be confused with those fluffy dragons who do the same sort of thing, without knowing anything at all.
If you ask the right question, they will more than likely answer it, but finding that one question or phrase is the trick.
Real Dragons won't speak overly much about spirituality or inner being either, and feel no need at all to 'interfere' with the spiritual matters of 'lesser beings'. Arrogance at it's finest.

In essence, a Dragon is much closer to a God, than any other 'spirituality creature' you will come across. They serve no one but themselves, and have no 'race'. There is only 'dragon'. Each one individual in their own way, be they 6 legged, 4 legged, winged or not. Scaled, horned, webbed, skinned or maned. All are 'dragon', no races, no 'kinds' or 'clans'.

We as people could learn a lot from them, if only we had the patience to ask.


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