FURRE, FURRY, FURR: as defined loosely and generalized - people who have a love of anthropomorphic animals and may role-play or cos-play a character in said form of those animals.

YIFF, YIFFY: A term widely used in furry circles to represent sex or sexual nature in some way. Interesting to note is the actual definition of Y.I.F.F which is 'Young Incredibly Fuckable Furr' which certainly indicates the distaste many people have with being associated with the term, such as it is.


It's very difficult to define a furre, as they are all different in some way. So the definition here is the very basic and generalized one of what the term 'furre' or 'furry' means. It does not mean that if you are a furre you can't call yourself a therian, by the therian definition. Nor does it mean if you are a therian, that you aren't a furre. Many therians role-play characters as much as furres do, and a good number of furres hold the spiritual belief of therianthropy. They simply prefer these terms to identify themselves. (And who can blame them with the overload of terms and 'crackdown' of "I'm real and you aren't" bullshit present in so many communities nowadays.)

For some people the idea of being called a furre brings revulsion, insult, and embarrassment.
This is because of the few in the furre community who have taken it upon themselves to represent the many, in a not-so-flattering way. Hence, furres are often looped in with such terms as yiffy, spooge, plushophiles and the like.

Not all furres are perverted yiff-o-matics. A lot of therians could also be looped into the same category, and many tend to forget this little fact. Being called a furre should be no more of an insult as being called a therian or human. However by the same token, it should not be common practise to insist someone call themselves, or be known as a furre when they choose not to be. (For example: person A who does not believe in therianthropy, insists that therian B is a furre.)


The following is a list of common 'furre types' to help understand the difference between the many types of furres out there.

Furry Fans:
Generally Furry Fans includes anyone who appreciates or prefers 'Furry' or anthropomorphic art, but do not produce their own, be it Comics (on-line or print), stories, games, or characters in general. Many Furry Fans do not consider themselves to be Furries, leaving that title to the other major types listed.

The most general stereotype of furry. Furries include anyone who plays an anthropomorphic character, usually on-line in chats or MUCKs. Some furries, however, switch characters quite often rather than holding to one 'form', or play several characters. They are 100% human in usual mind-set, and just do furry things on the computer and at cons. They make it a point that what they are doing is just art. They only draw pictures, they only play, and there is no sort of animal anything to them, it is purely amusement. Furries will usually separate into two major categories: Those that accept only non-fantasy, and those that accept fantasy.

- Non-Fantasy -
This sub-type of Fur plays ONLY characters that actually exist in the 'real world'. Most commonly mammals are portrayed, though reptiles and even insects are characterized in the MUCKs and comics.

- Fantasy Included -
A much broader category of sub-furs, this includes all Non-Fantasy types as well as any 'Fantasy' or 'Mythical' beasts such as Dragons and Griffins, 'Taurs, and Chimeras. Pretty much any animal you can think of.

Furry Lifestylers:
Those who take their play or characterization beyond the 'net, chats, MUCKs, or games into 'real-life'. The majority, by far. Here we have the furs who do it because it is what they do best. Its not the species that matters to them really, they just do it because it gives them a better window into themselves. Furry is a wonderful form of self expression, it allows for many sorts of behaviors (mostly silly). These are the folks that have no problem with wearing a tail at the convention, or putting their "paws" up and whining when someone is handing out something they want. They do it because it allows them to be themselves in some sort of manner. A way to open yourself up without really caring what the rest of the world thinks.

Were types:
It's been said that all weres are furs, but not all furres are weres. However, a good number of furres are in it because they have some sort of a connection to a certain animal. They don't seem to change species because they are only one. Those that have had some sort of attraction or connection to a certain animal since as far back as they can remember. They may or may not also be part of the Therian communities.

This type is most often present in the main Furry Lifestylers - the most visible of all the furry types. These are the folks who actually dress up in fursuits, wear 'ears and tails', or otherwise actually dress up and roll-play their chosen furry character.
Fursuiters do this either at 'cons', at home, or in public either with or without a specific reason or event. These are also the focus of most media attention and stereotypes.

These can include Zoophiles, Plushophiles, and 'furrverts'. (Though 'Zoos' are quite rare in most circles.)
These are the type who actually engage in sexual activity with real animals (zoos), plush animals (Plushies) or anthropomorphic characters. Furrverts often enjoy practising consensual sex while wearing their fursuits. Many (though not all) of these furres online hold the attitude "if it moves, Yiff it." They are the perpetual horndogs that haunt the online world looking for a cheap virtual (and sometimes physical) screw. While they're a minority, their habits single them out and they are usually the focus of most NEGATIVE attention and stereotypes from the media and society in general.


There are quite a few therians who, while retaining their self label 'therian' also participate in the furry community, as a hobby for amusement such as role play. In it because it allows them to express their awareness in a creative fashion. Their furtype doesn't have to be their were side, and in as many cases as not, it isn't. It is a good release for pent up energy, and allows for good times.

WARNING: As stated above, there are quite a few 'bad apples' in these groups. Always be careful when meeting people for the first time, or going to cons or 'furr parties'. Bring a trusted friend, and do not participate in anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you are an 'experienced' furry, remember to be polite, understanding and respectful of others who are new and curious to the concept.

Always remember: NO MEANS NO.


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