All poems and writings are © "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 1998-present


Come dance with me in my shallow grave.
Come show the world that you are brave.
Standing here for all to see.
Embrace this blackened void that's me.

A dark heart cast,
This scream your last,
I'm everything you'll ever be.
The blackened void that's me.

Come sing the pain of death in song.
You know it won't last very long.
Understand that all is mine.
And you will know you've crossed the line.

Consume your soul,
Now we're whole,
I'm everything you'll ever see.
The blackened void that's me.

Come share with me the secrets old.
Words of silver from tongues of gold.
Come share with me of knowledge lost.
You come, but you don't know the cost.

A twisted mind,
The secret find,
I'm everything you'll ever know.
The void is where you go.

Come join with me and we'll be one.
The price is paid, the deal is done.
Embrace me now and face your fate.
No time for doubt, it's all too late.

Blood and bone,
No longer your own,
I'm everything you'll ever do.
Now the void is you.

© "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 2002



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