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I saw a darkness stand before me, and his eyes were emerald fire.
Is it you?
I saw a star with black flowers in her hair and dark eyes for you.
Is it me?
I saw one death to end many.
Is it right?
I saw someone with deep pain and lonely eyes.
Is she safe?
I saw blood on my hands, scarlet red.
Is it true?
I saw her lying by my feet, unmoving.
Is it real?
I saw men in the darkness surround her.
Who are they?
I saw them laugh at her body, and laugh at me.
I watched them with eyes of fire.
Do they bleed?
I saw them, and they were dead.
Is this hate?
I saw the blood on my hands was theirs.
Did they hurt?
I watched them carry her away.
Is she gone?
I saw her laugh as they killed her.
Is she happy?
I saw my claws rip through her heart.
Can I stop?
I saw you try to stop me, but fail.
Do I care?
I saw myself in a scarlet river alone.
Am I gone too?
I saw a star and she was lost.
Is this me?
I saw a darkness with a soft voice.
Who is she?
I saw myself ask the questions I dread.
Do I answer?


© "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 2002




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