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Spider, Spider

Spider, Spider, in her web.
Spider Spider, dangling threads.
Future, Past and Present there,
Lovely Weaver in her lair.

Spider, Spider, look at me.
Spider, Spider, do you see?
Travel darkness, travel night,
Sleep the day and curse the light.

Spider, Spider, please don't go.
Spider, Spider, help me know.
What's the right decision here?
Love me far and love me near.

Spider, Spider, many legs.
Spider, Spider, weaving threads.
See the pretty patterns form.
Oh my Spider, so forlorn.

Spider, Spider, laugh at me.
Spider, Spider, make me see.
All the things I knew would come,
Spider, what could I have done?

Spider, Spider, dangle there.
Spider, Spider, do you care?
Safety in your dread embrace,
Comfort in your monstrous face.

Spider, Spider, silken strands.
Spider, Spider, poisoned brands.
Wrap me tight and let me try..
Hold me close and watch me cry..
Promise me you'll never lie..
..And I will be your butterfly.

© "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 2006



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