All poems and writings are © "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 1998-present


I am the dark within the light
The shining spark with a deeper side
You are the shadows in my mind
Whispears of a forbidden time
Take me out to your world

What shaddows with no light to cast
What deliscious things can last
Tease and promise wicked thoughts
It's all there waiting for me

Just take the hand that guides me there
All the darkness, twilight fair
But not to leave my light behind
For you are everything

I am the light within the dark
The softly veiled hidden spark
Safer now away from harm
Captured in your world

Teach me magic grow me fire
Show me freedom and desire
Everything the soul calls for
It's all here with me now

You took my hand and now we dance
Taking this forbidden chance
Come see what these worlds may hold
Deepest night and daylight bold
In twilight, we are everything

© "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 2002



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