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My Love

I see four men and a lady fair,
Beckon me sweetly to their lair.

The lady a vision of power and grace,
Her fur a softness, caressing my face.
Her eyes the color of stormy skies,
A tender love devoid of lies.
Beckons me with an oversize paw,
A sly grin spread across her maw.

A man beside her wicked and dark,
With fangs he leaves a bloody mark.
Compelling eyes of emerald green,
Damned with an unnatural sheen.
Whispers to me with a leer,
Of secrets only I may hear.

A wild man of fang and claw,
Caresses me with brown tipped paw.
His eyes the promise of loyal trust,
And hints of need and primal lust.
Beckons me with canine song,
Where the weak will feed the strong.

A human man this time, close by,
The glint of mischief in his eye.
Strong in heart and strong in mind,
Yet fragile underneath the bind.
Beckons me with out stretched arms,
And many sweet romantic charms.

Another man of power and pride,
sits across the lair inside.
Curled in wings of leather red,
The piercing eyes and horned head.
Beckons me with ancient gaze,
Towards the smoke-filled misty haze.

I step inside the lair to see
Just what could be in store for me.
To fall in love with five apart
Each one held within my heart.
Yet joy there is for all to see,
What you have now bestowed to me.

For, the five inside the one are true,
And all of them are part of you.


For my loving husband, Sterling on his birthday (may 8th). Love you lots, my wonderful vampy wuffy.

© "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 2005



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