All poems and writings are © "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 1998-present


Measure the line, draw it out.
Seal your fate, scream and shout.
The book is written before you start the first page.

Live your life, snap the thread.
Reach the limit, become the dead.
No more time to sign your name at the end.

Drop the shards, you are gone.
Pick up the pieces, I carry on.
Passed the book on to me, but there's nothing there.

Open my eyes, read the words.
Understanding, always hurts.
I'll pass the book around and share your love.

Face the loss, follow the line.
Live my life, lost in time.
It's always easy to comfort someone else.

Close my eyes, take the pain.
Nothing new, it's all the same.
Never ending just many different kinds.

But your book is done, though we may cry.
A healthy life, fate doesn't lie.
The many years that we will treasure spent with you.

Watch us now, where we stand.
Distant eyes, distant land.
Open your book again in our memories.

All our lives, all our love.
Thoughts of you, now sent above.
We know you're somewhere better, now goodbye.

© "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 2001

Dedicated in loving memory to my Great Grandmother, Noreen McNicol. Died: Feb 28th 2001. Aged 90 yrs.



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