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Future Sight

If we only knew the future
The past wouldn't hurt so much.
If we could only see ahead
Then we'd all know who to trust.
Put your faith in everything
And watch it turn to dust.

If we could only change the past
The hurt would all be lost.
If we could see results of choices
If we had knowledge of the cost.

If you knew just what would happen
Would you still walk down that road?
Still follow in those footsteps
Still bare that heavy load?
Still suffer under actions
Of a shattered moral code?

And what would you replace
If you were given just one chance?
Just a moment back in time
About to start that dance.

If for that one moment
When all the lights were dim,
And you had future knowledge
That you were on a breaking limb,
Could you really stop fate's path?
Turn your heart off on a whim?

Knowing where you'll be
And the things you'll find as true.
Knowing in the future
Just what they'll cause for you.

If we could only see the future
It'd be no more than a lie.
Your heart will wander forward
No matter how hard you may try.
And still end where you are,
Drying useless tears you cry.

© "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 2003



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