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I close my eyes as I walk,
feel the ground beneath my toes, the wind through my hair,
the sounds of the world, and the scents in my nose.
Escape from this world, I let my heart guide me.
Free of the restrictions of my sight.
Take me to my dreams, take me far far away.
Take me far from my reality, from my ocean waves of life.
Some say looks can be deceiving, but your heart never lies.
I look with my heart, and I see my dreams, my loves, my wishes.
I reach out, oh so close. Let me be. Take me there.
But it's so cold now, and dark. Where are my dreams?
I can't see them. But my eyes are open, and it's still night.
The moon has hidden form me, within the clouds covering the stars
that I may dwell in darkness and be reminded of my place.
The place my dreams will not come to, cannot reach me.
The clouds like waves, rolling waves of the ocean. My life.
Always the same.
Then a lovely light breaks through. The moon in all her glory,
my silvery blanket covers me where I lie on the ground, leaves beneath my head, against a tree.
The smiling glow of the moon pierces the clouds of my life.
Yes, I still have my dreams.
They are there, waiting to shine through my life.
Just close my eyes, and the moon is there. I feel the light against my
closed eyelids, soft and gentle.
And my heart sees. My dreams are there.
All I have to do is close my eyes.
To see without my eyes.
To see what's really there.

© "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 2002



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