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Life From Death/Death From Life

Fill me with your life, this empty thing I am.
Give it to me that I can live again.
Open my chest, there's nothing there.
No black heart to feed on you without a care.
Leave me here, with sorrow not my own.
Generous with your pain, no life, alone.
Arms spread wide, show yourself to me.
Safe in those veins, the body you see.
Take this, so sharp. You know I love you.
Waiting, make your choice. You know I do.
Slash it fast, your pain. Your death.
But I love you, you know you want. There's nothing left.
Fill me up. Go on. Take the knife, cut it fast.
I can give you everything, you know it'll last.
Bleed for me. Die for me. Because I love you, you cry.
Held in my arms, feeding me. You know it's all a lie.
Reach out, touch what you die for.
Look at you, so pretty. But never anymore.
I have what I wanted. You know I love you.
Watch me, it's the life I love. You know it's true.
You die, but shhh. Soothing words of deceit.
You know I love. And now, you're just so much meat.
So energetic, so foolish, so full of life for me.
Fill me, so empty. I love you, that's what you see.
As the light fades for you, so it grows in me.
Just know, as you die. I can finally be free.
A black heart to love you, a soul to consume you.
So empty you are, almost gone. You know I do.
Don't be afraid, death is sweet. Lie still.
No one can love you more than I, no one ever will.
So lovely, you smile at me with empty eyes.
I love you, you know. And it's enough, the lies.
You die for me, give me my life. You knew it was true.
Death for me, so good. You're free. Because I always love you.
Fill me with your life, I can love, you'll see.
No one will ever love you, as much as me.

© "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 2002



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