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Broken Hearts

It hurts to be with you, it hurts to stay the same.
But I'd endure a thousand deaths, than to hear your lies again.
Shattered now, a single tear. There's nothing left for me to fear.

I hear the faint sounds of shadows wandering through my soul...
But it's been so long, and my soul is torn.

Took these precious things of mine and smashed them up so many times...
Just one last crack, just one more shove.
Twist the knife with your convenience love.
Let you tear myself apart.
These razor shards of this shattered heart.

We all start out in a ray of light.
You think you're ready... but you aren't.
You think you know... but you don't.

You stole my sunlight, sucked it all away.
I fill the void with shadows and dance behind the day.
Don't be afraid, come dance with me. The shadows here for all to see.
Burn the bridges as you go.
You won't turn back. Trust me, I know.
Then we'll dance the day away
Call to all come out and play.
The night is soft, why would you leave?
When this is where we're meant to be.

Silver shines the soul. Stole mine away from me.
Souls are meant for sharing, but nothing's ever free.
Curled your way around my heart and ripped the shreds further apart.
Now you wonder why I'm gone. I've endured your hateful scorn too long.

Now the darkness calls and pulls to me... Whispers of things I've yet to see.
So soft and promising. Always true.
And Never Never hurt like you.

© "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 2002



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