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Answer To Depression

As the day comes to an end
And you fear the pain of tomorrow,
Hold your paw to a friend
Let me banish your pain and sorrow.

Let today be in the past
And all the hurt it brings.
For nothing ever lasts,
Turn your thoughts to better things.

You are never alone
With your friends by your side.
Let the light be shown,
There's no reason left to hide.

No one else can know
Just who you are within,
But your soul will always glow
With the warmth and love you bring.

Though I can't be there to see
What you yourself go through,
Know that, at least in me,
There is another friend for you.

If you speak we will hear
Let us sooth your hate.
When you need, we'll be near
It's never too late.

End every old bad
With hope for a new thing.
It's alright to be mad,
Just don't let it be your king.

All my hope to you
That you'll find your happy place.
Wish there was more I could do
Than just wipe the tears from your face.

© "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 2004



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