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Alternate Ending

A life for a life. The loss of a love.
What can I do? But watch from above.
You asked me, my friend, to find what you need.
I do this for love, I do this for greed.
I told you, my love, I'll always be yours.
Given to you, now I'll close all the doors.
A love for a life. Now mine is through.
But I am doing it all to save you.
I do this for greed. I told you my way.
I wanted everything, and now I can pay.
I do this for love, I can't let you die.
Without you all here, my life is a lie.
Live in a lie or not live at all.
So many choices and ways to fall.
But I gave you my word, I'd help if I could.
For you, my friend. You know that I would.
Love is sacrifice, love is pain.
But for you all, I'd do it over again.
My only regret is that I have but one.
One life to give, then it's all done.
Take care my love, take care my friend.
It's only the best things that come to an end.
You know I'd stay, if I could be whole.
But I just can't live without my soul.
I do this because it's all that I know.
Be sure, because I never wanted to go.

© "Raksha" RJ Boettcher 2003



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