Bullet's retaliation for the 'Ants' image. This one is based on a scenario over at Home Depot a while ago. Sterling and I were over there picking up something or other, and we passed by the shoping cart return place. It was one 'street' away from us. As in, you just had to cross the road way to get to it, and what did I see right by us as we walked? Some lazy ass shitbag's shopping cart! Just left on the curb... a FEW FEET away from the return place! Wtf was that about?? Ok so as incredulous as I was I couldn't just leave it there, so I returned it myself, going into a pleasantly outraged rant about fucking lazy-ass shit-headed people who can't be bothered to walk a few extra feet to return their carts. We were in that place for about 10 or 15 minutes. When we came out, what the fuck happened? I saw ANOTHER CART! In the EXACT same spot as the first one had been!! Oh my fucking GOD people! 15 god damn minutes and some other worthless piece of human trash had done it again! I mean for fuck's sake! Am I one of the ONLY decent human beings left on earth or what? It's things like those that make me seriously wonder about people in general. Honestly. Fucking LAZY. And I had considered myself to be lazy sometimes.. just wow. Compared to that I'm a god damn saint! Needless to say Sterling heard me ranting for quite a while on this. I wanted him to drive by a third time after lunch (I had returned the second cart myself again, raging all the while), but he didn't. Probably just as well, I am certain that there was a third cart left there. So yes, this is Bullet's depiction of events. :P Seriously, sometimes the smallest things set me the hell off to unbelievable heights..

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